Top Reasons Why Divorce Happens

First published: 26 September 2022 @ 6:00 pm

The divorce rate has remained steady over the past few years, but it is still higher than the rate at which people get married. So why are people getting divorced?

We can only speculate, but there are many reasons for this and the following article will help you understand these reasons.

1. Lack of Trust

Trust is a key ingredient in any marriage. It is the glue that holds the relationship together.

Without trust, there will be no bond between husband and wife and they will constantly fight over minor issues.

This is not good for any marriage, especially if you are married to someone who you do not know well.

Have faith in your partner and you know that he or she will take care of you and your family if anything happens to you.

2. Overreacting

Most people do not react very well when their partner does something wrong, even when they are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

You may feel angry with your spouse, but instead of thinking rationally about the situation, you overreact and start yelling at them, or simply refuse to talk with them at all until they apologize.

You cannot control what your spouse does or how they act at times, but you can control how you react to their actions.

If it does not seem like a reasonable reaction, then do not engage in it!

3. Criticizing Your Partner Too Much

Many couples argue too much about minor things.

Maybe you’re arguing over where they should go for dinner on a particular day or whether they should wear a particular type of clothing.

If you are constantly criticizing your partner and making their life miserable, you are doing them a disservice.

They cannot relax and enjoy the time they spend with you. No successful marriage can be built on negative emotions.

Top Reasons Why Marriages Fail

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4. Being Too Passive

You cannot always be the one who receives in your marriage, even though you are inexperienced.

It is important that you take some initiative and make the relationship better. Otherwise, your partner will just drift away from you because there is nothing to keep them there.

You need to show your partner that you are interested in what they have to say. The lack of communication between partners can often cause marital problems.

Therefore, you need to talk to each other, listen to each other, and understand each other.

5. Domestic Violence

Whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, it’s not something that should ever be taken lightly.

Domestic violence can destroy your relationship, leaving you feeling angry and alone.

Even though you may agree with each other, sometimes it can feel like your partner is trying to make your life miserable.

The best way to prevent domestic violence is to talk about it. If one partner is violent, they may try to make the other one feel bad about what’s happening.

This can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and resentment towards each other.

If you don’t speak up about the abuse, then it will continue indefinitely. If you want to avoid this problem, start talking about what’s going on in your relationship as soon as possible.

6. Unreasonable Expectations

It is difficult to be married to someone who has unreasonable expectations of the relationship.

Many couples expect that the other person should treat them well at all times, or should always be there for them.

You need to realize that sometimes people can only give so much time and energy to another person.

Many married couples who complain about their spouse not being around enough.

There are only 24 hours in a day. How you choose to spend your time is a choice.

So make sure that you both agree on how much time you want to spend with each other and the activities that you enjoy doing together.

7. Lack of Support

One of the major reasons for divorce is because of lack of support from the other person.

It is very important to have someone who supports you when you need them the most.

So if you do not feel that your partner is supporting you, it might be time to end the relationship.

Top Reasons Why Marriages Fail

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8. Cheating on Your Partner

Extramarital relationships can cause strain and tension in a marriage. But, if you cheat on your partner, it can also devastate your relationship and lead to divorce.

One way to heal the relationship is to admit that you have cheated.

Not only does it show your partner that you will face the truth, but it can also open the lines of communication and make it easier for your partner to forgive you.

However, make sure that in the future, you will communicate openly with your partner. You need to be open and honest about your past and show that you want to change.

Sometimes, the relationship may be irreparable. In these cases, it is best for both parties to part ways and try their luck on a new relationship.

9. Neglecting Your Partner’s Needs

When one person neglects their partner’s needs, they are likely to end up feeling resentful towards their spouse.

This will cause less satisfaction and less intimacy (including physical intimacy) within the marriage.

In order to make sure that you don’t neglect your partner’s needs, it is important to make sure that you are spending enough time with them.

Also, be honest about how you feel about things that are bothering you or how things could be done better in the marriage. This will help to build trust within the relationship and avoid divorce.

10. Lack of Respect for Each Other’s Abilities

Poor communication is often a problem within the marriage, and a lack of respect for each other’s abilities can contribute to that.

For example, if one person cannot keep up with household duties, or does not feel like doing so, they might become resentful towards their partner.

When this happens, the resentment can turn into hostility. And if this hostility becomes strong enough, it can lead to a divorce.

As such, it is important to be respectful of each other’s abilities and talents. Otherwise, you could end up in an unhappy marriage and eventually divorce.

If you feel your partner is disrespectful towards you in any way, then speak about it to them. In most cases, they will change their behavior when they realize it bothers you.

Top Reasons Why Marriages Fail

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Aim for Healthy Marriages

If you want to have a good marriage, then you need to make sure that you keep these top ten things in mind.

If you do not take the time to do these things, then your relationship will not be very successful and it may even end up in divorce.

Once you think that your marriage is not working, talk with your spouse about it and try to come up with a solution together.

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