8 Kinds Of Intelligence That Mums And Dads Need To Be Aware Of!

First published: 6 May 2021 @ 3:21 pm

1. Intrapersonal Intelligence

This is your ability to be aware of your own feelings and emotions. It’s a great thing to be able to feel when you are happy, sad, angry or anxious.

Children who have high intrapersonal intelligence will be able to recognize their own feelings and react appropriately.

2. Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to relate well with others. Children with high interpersonal intelligence will be able to communicate effectively with others and are more likely to succeed in school, sports or other activities that require social interaction.

3. Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to mentally visualize objects in space and how they relate to each other. This is an important skill for any child as it helps them understand how things work and fit together in the world around them.

They will also learn better by playing with blocks, Legos or other toys that allow them to build things up from smaller parts into larger wholes.

4. Musical Intelligence

Music allows us to express our emotions in a way that words can’t always do on their own – so musical intelligence is an important part of being able to communicate. Children with high musical intelligence will enjoy music and be able to play an instrument or sing well.

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

This is the ability to use your body in a purposeful way – often involving movement and fine motor skills. These children will enjoy sports, dance, drama or other activities that involve their whole body and coordination.

6. Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is the ability to use language effectively – this includes being able to read, write and speak well in your native language as well as learning new languages easily and communicating ideas effectively. Children with high linguistic intelligence tend to be very good at expressing themselves through writing or talking, even when they are very young.

7. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to think logically and solve problems using numbers and logic. These children will enjoy playing with puzzles, building with blocks or doing other activities that allow them to use their reasoning skills.

8. Existential Intelligence

Existential intelligence is the ability to ask “why” questions about the world around you. Children with high existential intelligence are likely to be curious about the world around them and want to understand how things work and why they happen in a certain way.

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